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About Me

Who I Am

My name is Sin Yu. 'Sin Yu' (善渝) means 'Eternal kindness' in Chinese. I am:

  • A professional, agency-signed and internationally-published model based in London. 

  • A girl who used to not know how smile with teeth. It is now my signature expression.

  • A proud Hong Kong girl.

  • A fashion enthusiast who dresses to impress and loves shopping way too much. 

My duty as a professional model is:

  • Presenting myself elegantly.

  • Delivering versatile performance and aesthetically pleasing presentation.

  • Diligently perfecting my art: Learning conventional and unconventional poses, being critical of details in posture etc. 

Current Agency Signings:

My Services

  • Professional Modelling Services

Are you a company seeking a professional model to showcase and sell your products? I have vast experience in commercial, beauty and fashion modelling. I have modelled in beauty and skincare campaigns, clothing and jewellery catalogues and brand advertisements. I am available for assignments globally. I understand how to pose effectively to highlight a product's key characteristics. Get in touch to discuss your commercial project and enquire rates. 

  • Styled by Me. Modelled by Me

Are you a creative looking to tell a story through fashion? Are you a photographer looking to diversify your portfolio with unique outfits of varying styles? 'Styled by Me. Modelled by Me' is a two-in-one professional modelling and fashion styling service I exclusively offer that includes:

  1. Fully-styled statement outfits customised according to your creative vision.

  2. My professional modelling services.

  3. Makeup and hairstyling by me. 

I own a wide collection of garments from global brands and designers (UK, USA, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Australia, Japan etc.) I have studio collection / limited edition items from local high street fashion retailers. I even offer one-of-a-kind and self-designed pieces. No matter what concept, I can cater to you with impeccable outfits that never disappoint. Get in touch to discuss your ideas and enquire package prices.

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